Social Events


  • Social events are a great informal way to get everyone together. One of the most common themes are festivals as they bring people from all different backgrounds, to bond over a common interest (usually music). Making for a good day out there is always so many things to do, see, eat and drink.
  • Fast or street food is ideal for those hosting social events, where your guests or attendees can snack on the go. Guests won’t want a full sit down meal when they’re socialising, just something that will keep them tied over. EMR have extensive experience at providing delicious meals for such events, so we can help you bring your event to life!
  • With mouth-watering takeaways including fish and chips, taco bowls, and so much more, we have something for everyone. For those who may have guests that are vegetarian or vegan, then we can adjust the menu to meet their needs. Let us know your guest’s dietary requirement’s so we can prepare all ingredients in advance. Should anyone have any food allergies, then please inform us as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary incidents.
  • Some food will be prepared a day before to help with the amount of people that are being catered for. All pre prepared food will be put together in a hygienic environment and will be kept fresh until cooked.
  • Once you have finalised a location for your social event, we will discuss how long you may need us. We provide all cooking equipment, utensils and refrigeration, so that you don’t have to source these things yourself. All equipment is cleaned on every usage to ensure the highest level of hygiene is maintained.
  • If you would like to find out more about our catering for social events then get in touch today!