Location Catering

Location Catering


  • Location Catering is becoming more and more popular thanks to its efficiency. Whilst you focus on running your business, EMR are able provide delicious meals to large groups of people. Once the location is outlined, the length of service time needed will be discussed to suit your needs.

VIP Catering

  • This includes catering for TV and Film casts as well as the crew and management team. Having a third party catering team involved, can take the stress out of feeding your team members.
  • Location catering is the ideal option for those working in a fast paced environment, where everyone is constantly moving. Sometimes there simply isn’t enough time to sit down, and have a proper meal. Whilst food will be provided for those who are on the go, we ensure all of the meals distributed are hearty enough to help re fuel. It’s important for your crew members to keep their energy levels up in order to withstand the long shifts.

How It Works

  • Depending on your needs, our experienced staff members will arrive with all the right tools and equipment. This will include all cooking stations required, utensils, gas and electricity, and of course mobile refrigerators. To make sure there is enough food to go around, we will ask about your team’s requirements. Some food will be prepared a day in advance, and will be kept fresh until it is needed.
  • If you know of any food allergies you will need to notify us in advance. Vegetarian and vegan options can be provided additionally as well. Maintaining high standards of hygiene, all equipment will be cleaned at the start, during and at the end of the day. Have peace of mind that your crew members are in good hands.
  • If you would like to find out more about our mobile location catering then get in touch today!