Corporate Services

Why Location Catering is best for you

  • With formal event venues, hotels, and restaurants becoming more expensive by the day, many event planners, hosts, and even weddings now frequent the concept of location catering. This concept will entail VIP catering, crew catering, and catering for film and television crews. By definition, it's to cater for a group of people stationed in a said location during a specific period of time. Even though you may be able to cater to the number of guests present, companies who engage in film production, airline crew, and training teams prefer to hand this responsibility to a third party.
  • How location catering works is, a team comprising of culinary and service personnel from a catering company visit the location with tools and machinery required to present and prepare food. They may have mobile cooking stations and utensils for their Mise en place and may require access to electricity and gas on-site. Most of the food items are prepared in advance and would only require reheating and presentation only. Essentially, your guests should not know that the food was made a few hours prior to having it served hot.
  • Although most people may not prefer location catering because there may be the odd instance where the culinary or service team may have forgotten a component, or because the food is not made on site, last minute changes are a no-no. If you are catering for people with many dietary requirements, this may not be the best option for you. On the other hand, location based catering or off-premise catering has many advantages. It's a well-known fact that the competition amongst rival companies is very steep and the hosts benefit from economically-viable prices of menus and will be willing to bargain to meet your budget. If you look at a restaurant of event space, most often the menus tend to be very generic and a small change in it will be nearly impossible. Here, you have the flexibility to 'build' your menu to suit the budget you have in mind.
  • In an instance where the food is not the main 'attraction' off-premise catering is ideal. If your guests are constantly moving around and may not have time to enjoy a seated banquet and are mobile, you can consider this as the best option for you. Crew catering is one element that will work well with this concept: having a mobile station set up for tea, coffee, and snacks around the clock will minimise the time workers spend going out in search of refreshments; they can convene at a particular time and enhance productivity. Companies involved in large festival and concert, repairs of rail tracks, road building, infrastructure, and emergency support teams for disaster recovery are some who will benefit from the concept of crew catering.

Location / Commercial / Crew Catering

  • EMR-DIRECT also provides Specialist Mobile Catering. If you have a security force to feed 24 hours a day for 5 days or if you need 1500 pasta meals in a field we can provide any option required.
  • Our units are able to provide their own power and water and have freezer units for stock. Meaning we can work in the most difficult and challenging of environments from fields to mountains.
  • Whatever your mobile catering requirements give EMR-Direct a call today.

Construction Site Catering

  • Any building project depends on working efficiently and productively, making the most of the resources. Often, building projects' face the biggest challenge of keeping their team together and many rely on construction site catering for the many benefits it offers. The core of construction catering is to provide hot, quick meals within the location for workers. Most times, construction companies employ multi-ethnic team members; it's important for construction catering services to be sensitive to these minor, yet, widely important factors. Companies can also request for vegetarian, vegan, or halal meals.
  • Construction catering services that EMR- DIRECT offers are a form of location-based/off-site catering. Our team of culinary and service professionals would cater to a venue, space, or area you are based in. They would use resources like mobile cooking stations, portable electricity and gas, cooking utensils, refrigerator trucks to transport cooked food into locations requested.
  • This type of catering is used for crew catering, emergency catering, film locations, and other instances where the venue requires having ready-made meals around the clock. Although one could argue that off-site catering may not equal to freshness, and last-minute changes in meals cannot be attended to, it's gained a lot of popularity over the last few years. A saturation of caterers in the market has also made it easier to bargain for excellent menu prices.
  • This may initially be viewed as an additional cost to the company to absorb, however, in the long run, you can ensure that team members are well-fed, and most of all are able to eliminate time wastage by going out for meal periods with long restaurant queues and long distances travelled in remote locations. These wasted man hours can impact the organization in the long run and can outweigh the cost of supplying food for team members.
  • Construction catering has a tremendous effect on staff morale and team building; since team members gather together for meal periods, it's believed to help team building. A free hot meal can also be viewed as an additional incentive for the team member not to leave half-way through the building project. As it's a physically strenuous job, construction workers would look forward to a nutritious meal; some workers may not be able to afford a decent meal and would boost personal morale that will contribute positively towards labor productivity. Construction service catering has many benefits for the organization.
  • Also, there are other factors to consider when choosing for the right construction site company. The first factor to consider is the size of the construction company, number of team members, the meal periods, the location it is based at and also the duration.
  • Express Catering company meets all the above mentioned requirements and ethical factors to be your choice for the Best Construction Site Catering Company in London.

Mobile catering at building sites

  • Building sites often require mobile catering facilities to feed the teams working on-site a critical part of any building project! At Express Catering we are well placed to provide mobile catering facilities which are specific to your requirement, so whether you need 24/7 catering for five days or 5,000 meals a day, we can put together a solution to keep your team moving.
  • We can cater to the tastes of your workforce, providing roast dinners or curries ( with halal and vegetarian options), fried breakfast or fruit, and of course not forgetting puddings!
  • Give us a call now on 07916289007 and let us see how we can help you feed your workforce and keep your building project moving forward.

Emergency catering services for quick relief

  • You can plan out the best event in the best location, but disasters are inevitable. Sometimes event planners can let you down, or even the caterers can back out owing to an internal hiatus like a fire, flood, or bad weather conditions. This is when Express Catering emergency catering will come into play. As stated in the name, this is an emergency-relieving service for catering that can used for several purposes.
  • During a national crisis like an earthquake, forest fire, flood, or hurricane, food will need to be dispatched immediately. This does not entail a full, lavish buffet; the main criteria for this would be fast, hygienic food with minimum nutrient levels reaching those in need to be displaced immediately. It could be boxed food or even laid out for consumption. Packed food can be dispatched faster and can be sent through delivery services or disaster control units. Emergency catering can even be in the form of off-site catering when the catering team will set up pre-cooked food in a remote location for people who would need around the clock coffee/tea breaks and quick snacks. Note that this is best suited when the element of food is a necessity and not the main highlight of the event.
  • Our service includes mobile units with kitchen trucks, vehicles suitable for any climate or terrain, and tent structures which adapt to the climate. Mobile barbeque trailers, kitchen trucks, refrigerator trailers, vehicles for transporting ready-made food, portable power units, and portable hand wash units prove to be useful when responding to crisis situations.
  • Another common disaster we encounter is catering companies letting hosts and event planners down during the last minute. You may receive a call a few hours prior to the event to inform of 'unavoidable situations' don't worry about canceling your party or event, reach out to us for 'emergency catering' or 'last minute' catering services. You may not have everything you had planned in the buffet, but you can rest assured without having a full function of disappointed guests.
  • Event spaces and hotels can find out last minute that they have an overlap in bookings and may need to remove your event; if you can find a suitable location, even without catering, you will be saved of the hassle because of these quick services which are available in London.
  • With many caterers in the market, look out for EMR-DIRECT as your suitable partner who can help you in times of a crisis with expertise, equipment, and a sizeable workforce.

24 Hours emergency call out

  • If you have an Emergency we can immediately mobilise and quickly supply your emergency service with the necessary catering.
  • We can also supply your event with catering if you have been let down, even at the last minute please call anytime.
  • Express Catering is able to offer many catering solutions and facilities management services to today's modern workforce.
  • If you require a temporary kitchen or a long term modular kitchen installation with canteen facilities, EMR DIRECT are on hand to provide effortless workforce catering.
  • We are able to offer 24 hours a day facilities to keep the busiest of workforce operational and ready for action.
  • Alternative available options are grabbing and go convenience food, buffet service facilities, full table service and a great range of packed lunches for offsite employees.
  • We are fully compliant with all of today's strict food regulations and are able to work on sensitive and the most secure of sites, our clients rest assured quality food will be delivered time after time.